10m Slingshot Rubber Band Natural Latex Rubber Band Catapult Tube Latex Tubing for Outdoor Hunting Slingshot Exercise (Yellow)


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  • Essential for Exercise: Our Slingshot Latex Band can be used to make slingshot replacement bands and can also be used in fitness tug-of-war competitions and sports competitions allowing you to feel the charm of exercise.
  • Elastic Material: These Elastic Latex Rubber Band are made of high elastic natural latex rubber with fast rebound speed uniformity and tensile strength. Therefore the sturdy and durable stretch rubber tube can provide excellent initial speed high-speed launch and rebound.
  • Easy to Use: Slingshot Tube can be used with auxiliary binding tools you can easily tie the rubber tube together in a short time thus making DIY with fun.
  • Compatibility: Natural Latex Slingshot Tube is suitable for various mini balls with a diameter of 8-10 mm such as steel balls clay balls marbles paper balls and any type of mini ball you want to play with.
  • Regular Replacement: The 10m Slingshot Rubber Tube is long enough to meet your needs for regular replacement to ensure safe hunting and adventure.