70M Laser Measure Device, MiLESEEY 229ft Digital Laser Tape Measure with Upgrade Electronic Angle Sensor, ±2mm Accuracy, Area Measurement,Volume and Pythagoras, 2″LCD Backlit,Mute, Battery Included


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  • ✅[Reliable and Efficiently] Upgraded to accuracy ± 0.3°electronic level with Accuracy: ± 2mm laser tape measure delivers higher accuracy and faster angle measurements compared to bubble level meters. the electronic angle is displayed on real time it is easier to find the horizontal direction the measure result is more precise.
  • ✅[UNIQUE FUNCTIONS] The high precision laser head component can be measured quickly and accurately in 0.5s Auto-Level: Only measure the hypotenuse the horizontal distance and vertical height will be calculated automatically; Auto-height: Only measure 2 hypotenuses the vertical height will be calculated automatically; Fast measurement: automatic calculation of area and volume with one button operation
  • ✅[PRACTICAL MULTIPLE Measurements] 70M laser distance measure accuracy: ±0.2mm/±1/16 inch meet your different needs: automatic calculation of areavolume and distance continuous measurement Pythagorean method-3points; good laser measuring device for covering large area:home decoration especially in large areas such as apartments buildings real estates factories warehouses construction and industriessave a lot of time when doing jobs
  • ✅[UNITS SWITCH & 20 DATA RECORDS & Energy-saving Design] freely switch the units in M/ FT/IN/ft+in; 20 data records and recall function which are useful for reviewing and calculating; portable Pocket-sized non-slip design; 180s of automatic shutdown to save the power can work up to 5000 times.
  • ✅[24 MONTHS+ INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE] 1 x digital measure laser 2 x 1.5 V AAA 1 x user manual 1 x portable bag 1 x portable bracelet;IP54(splash-proof and dust-proof) Mute function; 2-year after registered lifetime technique support by MiLESEEY