AGM Global Vision Thermal monocular Taipan TM10-256 Thermal Imaging Monocular for Hunting 12 Micron 256×192 (25 Hz), White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Fusion


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  • Distance Measurement: Thermal monocular realizes distance measurement function after marking the top and bottom of target and input the target height.
  • Hot Spot Mark: Thermal imaging monocular detects and marks the hot spot of highest temperature.
  • Mode Switch: Hunting monocular supports pallet switch and distance measurement.
  • Storage: Built-in memory module (8 GB) supports video recording/snapshot capturing.
  • Digital Zoom: Night monocular supports 1 2 4 and 8 digital zoom..Wi-Fi Hotspot: AGM TM10-256 monoculars for hunting can capture snapshots record videos and set parameters via APP after being connected to your phone.