air swimmers (12 Pieces) – 1 mm Slingshot Rubber Band Catapult Elastics, 6 Times Stretch Rate, Thailand Natural Rubber Replacement Tapered Bands for Sling Shot


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  • THAILAND NATURAL LATEX: Our slingshot rubber band is made of natural latex imported from Thailand which has excellent elasticity uniformity and tensile strength. Compared with general catapult elastics the shrinkage rate is very high and there is no performance loss at -15°C. Meet your higher requirements for hunting and target shooting at low temperatures.
  • COMBINATION OF STRENGTH AND ELASTICITY: As the soul of a slingshot a flat band is the power source for shooting targets. The thickness of this slingshot elastic is 1mm and the elongation rate can still reach 1:6 achieving an excellent balance of strength and elasticity. The reasonable taper of 20-12mm will not cause too much early wear and also provides the basis for the higher shooting speed you want and improves the power of the catapults.
  • 12 PCS REPLACEMENT RUBBER: As sling shot enthusiasts we have all experienced the feeling of disappointment that the rubber band suddenly breaks when immersed in the joy of shooting. The high-quality catapult elastics reduce the frequency of such things and the 12 pcs replacement flat rubber bands greatly extend the life cycle so you can focus more on the shooting.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST SLINGSHOTS: Flat bands are very easy to install and replace on most slingshots. Used with 8-10mm ammo 1mm catapult elastics can bring strong power to your hunting fishing or competitive shooting experience. It is perfect for those who insist on shooting the heaviest ammo with maximum resistance.
  • TENSILE TEST: The slingshot rubber band can be put on the market only after thousands of tensile tests under the condition of 3 times the stretched length in the sampling inspection. To be honest this is also the bands we use in our daily shooting practice. Let’s enjoy the fun of shooting together!