Bosch Professional Laser Measure GLM 150-27 C (integrated camera, integrated 3,6 V battery, range: up to 150m, robust, IP54, ± 1.5 mm*, hand strap, pouch)


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  • DIGITAL VIEWFINDER WITH ZOOM FUNCTION: The real time camera view allows to take precise measurements ensuring the laser spot fits the target specially on long distances.
  • CONNECTIVITY + MEASUREON APP: Easy on-site documentation of floor plans measurements photos and notes with cloud-based project access anywhere on all devices.
  • HIGH FLEXIBILITY: The GLM 150-27 C counts with an integrated Li-Ion battery memory to save camera pictures and Micro-USB connection for picture transfer.
  • APPLICATIONS: Placing and fitting elements in general construction. Ideal for large distances complex environments and bright outdoor environments.
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: Laser Measure GLM 150-27 C integrated 3.6 V Li-Ion battery micro-USB cable hand strap and pouch