Camera Detector, Wireless Signal Scanner Bug Detector, Listening Device Detector, GPS Detector for GPS Tracker Finder Listening Device in Office, Car, Meeting


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  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Wireless camera detector is widely applicable to detect whether the car or office is installed wireless eavesdropping whether the cell phone is tapped or abnormal whether the car is installed GPS tracking.
  • ANTI WIRELESS CAMERA: Wireless signal detector can check hotels restrooms hotels entertainment venues locker rooms anti wireless camera can also be applied to business negotiations school invigilation places factories military equipment etc.
  • PREVENTING EAVESDROPPING: Camera detector detects cell phone text messages sent and received signals cell phone internet signals cell phone switch and call signals effectively preventing eavesdropping stealing photos.
  • ACTIVE DETECTION: Bug detector has an active detection function the host can be carried around when the environment in the eavesdropper can be detected. Signal strength indicator can quickly find the source of the signal adjust the function button can adjust the sensitivity.
  • APPLICABLE PEOPLE: Camera signal detector is suitable for public places shopping malls security personnel who have access to trade secrets commercial secrets and technical secrets as well as anti eavesdropping professionals.