Camo Netting Camouflage Net, Covers, Hunting Shutters, Decorations, Sun Blinds, Parties, Camping, Outdoor Shooting Hunting, Etc.


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  • The camouflage net is made of high-quality materials has many additional functions and has been treated to eliminate luster and glare. For hunting purposes please immerse it in the water with hunting detergent for about half an hour and then let it dry by itself. After this process is completed it will become quieter and without rustling!
  • The lightweight mesh structure can be hung without a heavy support system. No matter how old you are you can easily use it indoors and outdoors! It doesn’t take up space when storing; just fold it up and store it in the garage or closet!
  • Camouflage nets are easy to cut to suit you! Our mosquito nets do not have interwoven ropes or strings which means you can cut them into any size to meet your needs without having to disassemble them for use in multiple areas. Then simply use the included cable tie to secure it. The net is washable reusable and environmentally friendly!
  • The net-like backing with net-like structure with cord buckles on the corners and sides is easy to hang and can prevent tearing and tearing.
  • Camouflage nets have many uses including: hunting outdoor sports tactics military applications natural concealment bird watching wildlife photography army theme party decoration children’s hideout sun block privacy barrier and countless other applications! You are only limited by your imagination!