DIDUNSASI 300X6MM, 200X7MM, 200X8MM, a total of 700, high-hardness carbon steel steel balls, used for outdoor slingshot hunting ejection, bearing balls, container cleaning


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  • Product content: Steel ball storage box No. 300 6MM carbon steel ball No. 200 7MM carbon steel ball No. 200 8MM carbon steel ball.
  • Obviously this size combination is of great help to friends who don’t know which size of steel ball is suitable for them. The 3-compartment storage box is also very convenient to store when not in use.
  • The steel ball is made of super hard carbon steel which has better hardness than 304 stainless steel but its corrosion resistance may not be as good as stainless steel.
  • Carbon steel balls are widely used due to their firmness and hardness. For example it can be used for outdoor hunting launches of slingshots bearing beads and cleaning containers or stirring.
  • Note: Although the carbon steel ball has high hardness it has poor corrosion resistance. Please use a storage box to seal it when not in use to prevent rust. It may not be suitable for applications requiring high corrosion resistance.