DIDUNSASI Powerful stainless steel slingshot and 6 replacement rubber bands,Professional outdoor hunting catapult ,Flat rubber band slingshot,Used for competitive games or outdoor sports


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  • Product content: a durable stainless steel slingshot 6 replacement rubber bands (2 different elastic specifications to meet the needs of different strengths).
  • made of 304 stainless steel by CNC cutting and then a layer of sweat-absorbing super fiber is finely wound on the surface of the slingshot,When you get it you will find it is comfortable and strong.
  • Not only that there are reference points and horizontal beads on the slingshot which can help you master the slingshot and more easily correct incorrect operation methods in daily training.
  • Application scenario: This is a powerful hunting slingshot you can also use it to participate in outdoor game competitions or concentration training.
  • WARNING: It is prohibited to use this product in anyway that doesn’t conform to local state and federal laws and ordinances.This is not a toyChildren need use under the supervision of adults.Please pay attention to safety.