GJCrafts Metal Detector for Kids, High Accuracy Metal Detector for Adults, 78-108cm Adjustable Stem, 7.8-inchWaterproof Coil, DSP Chip/5 Modes/Sensitivity 10 Levels/2 Batteries


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  • 【Adjustable treasure hunt mode】 – ① DISC mode which can exclude unwanted metals. You can exclude the top 5 metals in order. ②All Metal Mode All Metal Mode (Search all different types of metals with automatic ground balance and high sensitivity. This is the best mode of operation).
  • 【Waterproof Search Coil and Pointer Display】 – The 7.8 inch (19.8cm) sensing coil can accurately reach 6 inch (16cm) depth underground and the coil detection is sensitive. The pointer display method is more accurate and the value ranges from 0 to 10 representing the signal strength of the detected target metal.
  • 【Strong Security】 By plugging in the headphones you can enjoy it even in noisy environment. The pinpointer Metal Detector also has a low battery reminder function
  • 【Best Gift】 You can adjust the length of the detector to make it comfortable to use (max: 42.5in; min: 30.7in). Portable and convenient whether you are a professional metal detector enthusiast or a beginner or even a child you can use it easily.It’s a great gift for friends family or loved ones.
  • 【Note】: Metal detectors can sometimes be limited by certain factors. You can ask for instructions at the store and read the instructions carefully which can help you quickly learn how to use the metal detector and avoid many problems. (This metal detector comes with 2 9V alkaline batteries.)