Lischwert Metal Detector Kit for Adults and Kids, High Accuracy with LCD Display All Metal & Pinpoint Mode 7.8 Inch Search Coil,Waterproof Metal Detector


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  • 1. Multiple detection modes: all metal mode can identify different types of metals including coins cultural relics jewelry gold copper silver etc.; elimination mode can shield some low value metals that do not want to be detected and distinguish high value metals that want to be detected.
  • 2. Precise waterproof search coil: the 7.5-inch large search coil can accurately reach the depth of 6 inches underground and the coil detection is sensitive. Adjustable stem and search coil are waterproof very suitable for all kinds of situations not only in the beach garden forest grassland or mountain exploration but also to meet your hobby of underwater exploration treasures such as river or seaside.
  • 3. LED display: pointer display mode the value is from 0 to 10 which represents the signal strength of detecting the target metal. When detecting the machine will give a beep to remind you that there is metal nearby. The closer the coil is to the target metal the stronger the signal on the instrument and the more the pointer shifts to the right. It is simple and the volume and battery state can be adjusted intuitively. It can pass FCC and ROHS certification.
  • 4. Portable and easy to use: the weight of the metal detector is only 2 pounds. You can adjust the length of the detector to make it comfortable to use (maximum: 108CM / 42.5in; minimum: 78cm / 30.7in). The machine is portable. At the same time upgrade the arm support which is more ergonomic and more comfortable than other devices.
  • 5. Good choice for outdoor sports: the metal detector has 3.5mm universal headphone jack you can connect other headphones (not included) with the metal detector and adjust the volume to adapt to different environments. Simple and easy to operate it is very suitable for children and adults home and outdoor use of metal detector which can let busy parents and game addicted children out of the door to start the treasure hunt.