Fitness Bench Press Slingshot Blaster Weightlifting Belts Sling Strength Lifts Press Training Heavy Weights Powerlifting Push Ups Double Squats Exercise Gym (Large, Black)


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  • Weight lifting slings belt elasticized strength to increase level of exercises at gym fitness trainers slingshot significantly increased 1 rep max strength while using the slingshot and able to lift 17-24kg more than regular bench press.
  • Fitness bench blaster worn to drive the weights bar faster through sticking points while working out benching pushups or for assistance on ring dips and muscle ups to help lifters bench more deadlift loads of weight safely and without rotator cuff pain.
  • Bench press sling safest position for your shoulders assist the movement keep shoulders safe during the bench press into a stable position which gives supportive performance that take your workout to the next level with this premium level resistance band.
  • Pushups exercise belt on bench with weight bar your muscles are strongest when at the top of the lift and weakest at the bottom of the lift when they are stretched out and it support at time which you can finish out the rep easily.
  • Wear from end to end area of stability any lifter 10-20% increase in their bench press perfect band to overload their bench press ensure perfect form the elbows tucked the lats tight and shoulders in a good press ups and dips position.